What are people saying about us?


Thank you so much for helping us clean-out my mom's house. If we were to do it ourselves much of what was there would have gone in a dumpster just to get the job done quickly. Mom is happy to know that useful items will be reused and not wasted. You have a great business and handle well the sensitive concern of parting with one's belongings.



Her (Mary’s) insight, connections and willingness to roll up her sleeves to help us was inspiring. It gave us great hope that what we were setting out to do could be accomplished, and it was with perfection and on time. Mary and Paul have become our friends.

Fred and Helen


You have been a life (and stress) saver during the past few months while I’ve been working on my cousin’s needs in her transition from her home to assisted living. Your calm demeanor actually helped me feel better emotionally and your professional skill helped me to feel confident that everything possible was being done to effect the transition. Your obvious concern for me as a client is proof that you are in the right business!



It recently became necessary for me to downsize from my house to a one-bedroom apartment. Just the thought of it was overwhelming.. Due to my age and health, I needed a lot of help. I called Transition Connections to see what they could do to help me. Well, first they helped me decide what I could keep and what had to be disposed of and then they went to work - some things had to be sold, some donated and some disposed of in other ways. Then, when I was sure of what would stay with me, they came and boxed and labeled everything to help the movers know where to put everything. It all happened so smoothly and so quickly, it took a lot of stress off me.

I don't know how I could have managed this on my own. Mary, Paul and Transition Connections made a very difficult transition easy for me.

Fran F


Thanks Mary, I could not have done it without you. I enjoyed your company too.

Margaret S


I just wanted to drop you a note before more time passes and I don't, THANK YOU for a fantastic job you did with getting my Uncle moved. My sister stepped up when my cousins did not and the choice of having Transition Connection was the perfect fit. It was certainly nice just seeing both you and Paul but to watch you guys in action was special. You are the perfect person for this service, and you did a magnificent job for my uncle. Thank you soooo much and we will spread the word about your services.

Dave K