About Us

Transition Connections, Inc. is a full service senior move and transition services company. Transition Connections was formed to help seniors, their families, friends and care givers with major transitions later in life. After having gone through the ordeal several times of moving a loved one or cleaning out a home after one passed, we realized there was a great need for helping connect seniors and their families with a vast array of resources needed, often unexpectedly or suddenly.

Our Mission Statement speaks right to this point: To provide transition support services to the senior community with compassion and concern as our first priorities.  To operate with high moral and ethical standards with both our clients and partners.  To provide the highest level of service and bring the best value to our clients. And … To Be Happy doing it.

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Mary Clark

Co-owner and founder, Mary Clark, was inspired to create Transition Connections after having to handle her parents’ illnesses and sudden need to help them through several major transitions in their lives. Even working together with five siblings, it was an overwhelming and daunting situation.

It was only after all the transitions were accomplished that Mary realized that there were private organizations that specialize in helping seniors and their families through these difficult, emotional and often sudden transitions.  Unfortunately, since it is still an emerging industry, there are few organizations in Berks and surrounding counties area to provide the coordination of these much needed services.

Coming from nearly 30 years working in customer service, account management and operations management, Mary brings a wealth of experience in sourcing, planning and project management to the Senior Move Management arena.  More importantly, her experience in team building and interpersonal communications has prepared her to work together with seniors and their families through very difficult and emotional times.  Her compassion, patience and competence have helped to define the mission of Transition Connections.

Paul Clark

Co-owner Paul Clark comes to Transition Connections Inc. with a wide range of experience and talents. His primary roles for Transition Connections are Marketing, Technology and muscle. Paul started his career as a meteorologist for a private weather company. He moved into the IT field working for a management consulting company, web hosting and business services company and several key roles in the print distribution industry. In addition to his technical and general business knowledge, Paul is also handy with a hammer and saw and can fix most anything.


The Story behind "Be Happy"

Transition Connections' Founder and co-owner Mary Clark's father, James "Jim" Ford was the inspiration for starting the company. We lost Jim in November 2011 after a courageous eighteen month battle with cancer. "Be Happy" was Jim's mantra. He would end every phone call with his children or say goodbye as they were leaving the house, with "Be Happy" As a tribute to our inspiration for this business, and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to share the same wish with you... Be Happy!